Tips to Get a Job In Guwahati

Finding a Good job in Guwahati is really a challenging job as there are not too many corporate present in Guwahati compared to other cities in India.

So, to Get a Job in Guwahati you should keep yourself updated always about the new job openings in Guwahati.

Here is some tips from our team to help you to get a better job in Guwahati.


Ask yourself what kind of job exactly you are looking in Guwahati. In short select the job sector and prepare yourself mentally for the job. Getting a job totally depends on the job sector you have picked. Foe example, If you have choose Sales sector there are too many Sales job vacancies available in Guwahati, Job opening in IT Sector in Guwahati is very less. Interestingly there are number of job vacancies are available in Government of Assam. Working with Govt. Of Assam is a very good option compared to other private job in Assam. Most interestingly Sitting job like Data Entry Operator is the best Job Opportunities For Female Candidates, Females Mostly prefer Siting office Jobs in guwahati compared to Other jobs, The good news is That there are Too many Data Enntry Operator job is Available In Govt. of Assam, these Government Data entry jobs are best for those who are looking for a stable sitting job in Assam.


Now you start searching the jobs based on the job sector you have chosen . For that start with a online search. There are too many job websites available in Assam like to start a career in Assam subscribe to the job websites so that you keep yourself always updated when a job in Assam is listed on these Assam career websites.


After selecting a suitable vacancy, its now time to apply for the job, To apply Government jobs in Assam, please follow the standard format of filling up the application and apply to that particular govt. Job in Assam.

To apply for a Private sector job, first of all you should make your resume standout from the crowd, as Resume is your first impression towards the job recruiters. Your way of writing a resume increases your chances of getting a job in Guwahati as there are too many applicants will be applying for the same job you are applying.

To get a Good eye-catching Resume to impress your job recruiters you can take help from us, our Resume writing team has years of experience in Resume writing which will definitely help you to get a Job in Guwahati easily.

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After making a Visual Resume, Its time for you to appear for the job. Here are some important tips fo face a job interview.

For guys, Do a clean shave, wear a proper formal dress, apply a mild perfume and arrive the venue on time. Its better if you reach at least 15 mins before the reporting time. Don’t forget to carry your original testimonials along with one set of photocopy while attending the job interview.

For girls tie your hair neatly, apply light make up and wear a proper formal dress, do check your nails. Apply a mild perfume and avoid last minute rush.

After reaching the venue, take a deep breath and relax because this next 15 minutes may change your life if you get this job in Guwahati.

So face the interviewer with a gentle smile and proper greetings, listen to his queries carefully and try to answer in a very polite soft spoken way, Never show your Aggressiveness. and don’t make them feel that you desperately need this job otherwise you gonna to die. If you are not clear about any concept please don’t bluff, Just say the word “Sorry”.

For candidates from outside Guwahati, i.e. different parts of Assam preparing for attending interview, we strongly suggest you to reach Guwahati by bus or train one day before the job interview in Guwahati to avoid last minute rush.

Hope these simple job tips will surely help you to get a good job in Guwahati.

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Happy Job Hunting,

      Team JIG